Leegeehaam Hope 5 Alpha Control Cream Moisturiser Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Cult Korean Skincare

Well it’s simple really. We both started out wanting better skin. Curiosity led to a little interest, and now skincare is an essential part of our life.

As time went on, we found ourselves answering more skincare related questions for our friends. More often than not, the line ‘I’m too lazy’ pops up. And then it hit us: this is a mindset that we want to change. Good skin IS attainable with the right products. The truth is such-There aren’t many truly ugly women in the world but there are countless lazy women in the world. We would know. We were once there.

So we’ve saved you the most tedious step-researching. The brands that we have curated and placed on our website are those that we really believe in.

Good skincare doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Yes, great skin has its roots in genes but we reap what we sow. The smallest effort can bring about a big change. The smallest decision can lead to beautiful possibilities in future. This applies to every aspect of our lives, much less our skin. 

Good skin begins now. See you on the other side!