Our products are 100% genuine and we only source from authorised distributors in South Korea. We also advise customers to be wary of fake products floating around the market.

Oh man, we feel you. Allergies can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere. Since these are beauty products that are applied to your skin, some prevention methods should be put into place. Avoid ingredients that you know you have sensitivities towards, or check the ingredient lists prior to purchase. Since what works for 99.9% of the population may not necessarily work for you… so patch testing the product on a small patch of skin is highly recommended. If reactions occur, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Please note that ACE OF FACE is not liable for any reactions that may develop upon using the products purchased from our website, and will not be able to offer any refunds or exchanges.

The ingredient lists are all provided! They are located right on the product page. If you want to get more information, feel free to run a search through CosDNA. That site will sort you right out.

This should be easily found on the packaging. In the event that you don’t see it, look out for the date of production instead. All products are good to go if they are used within two years.

Well we could… but that’s not what we’re all about. Many other online stores stock everything available from each brand but that’s not true efficiency. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What we’ve done here at ACE OF FACE is to identify the best products from each brand after testing them personally. The products that are selected and presented on the webpage are our personal favourites; a careful selection of those which we believe should matter. They have earned a permanent spot in our routines and we believe that it should also be the case for everyone. That’s what true curation is-not just merely amassing a huge number of products.

In other words, we have done the ground work and all you have to do is pick whichever product that suits your skin type/concern. We’re pretty sure it will help.

Now, this is a tricky one. Skin can be finicky and well, what works for some may not work for others. Prevention is better than cure in this aspect: so taking steps to identify the skin types/concerns will definitely work to ensure that that does not happen. We’ve had friends who used AHA/BHA based toners diligently, believing that their skin was on the oily spectrum but it was actually the reverse, they had extremely dry skin that was irritated because of all the acids that was being constantly applied to it.

Shipping and returns

There are two options: Self Pickup at our address (that’s free) or a courier delivery at a flat rate of $10. Products are packaged securely as we want to ensure that it arrives in as pristine a condition as possible. Kindly ensure that someone is present to receive the parcel as redelivery may be subjected to additional charges.

Such products may include those that are past the expiry date, those that look like it has been tampered with or products that arrive broken in their packaging. That being said, the above mentioned should not happen since the products go through a thorough quality check before they make their way to to you. Please snap a picture of the product and include a short description before sending it over to with the subjective title being: Defective Product (Order number).

This has to be done within 14 days, if not, the request will be rejected.

Please note that damage to the packaging may at times be unavoidable, and will not be considered valid for an exchange.

We’ll try our very best to help!

Given its sensitive nature, skincare products cannot be re-purposed but it will have to be discarded. As such, we do not offer returns or exchanges once the product has been shipped. If you are still unsure, hit us up at and we will try our best to help.

A flat rate of $10 applies for all orders under $80 via local courier. Shipping is free for all orders above $80. Alternatively, you could opt for self pickup air our location and we’ll be more than happy to pop out and pass you your goodies!

Payment methods

We partnered up with Stripe (which accepts major credit cards) as the main payment gateway. The second option (our personal preference, if we may) is Android and Apple Pay. *Remember to turn on the bluetooth on your laptop/tablets before attempting this function!

We also accept Pay Now and bank transfers. Kindly make payment to UOB Current Account: 3413098473 and leave your invoice number and your first name as payment reference. Remember to take a screenshot of your transaction and email it

For Pay Now, kindly select UEN and make payment to this: 53258509K

Please note that payment must be transferred within 24 hours, or we will consider the order void and release your items.

Nope, We’re afraid not! Each promotional/discount codes are meant for one time use and cannot be stacked.


Yes, but only before it has been shipped. Orders that have been shipped our cannot be cancelled nor refunded. Do check your inbox regularly for your order updates! Also, do remember to add ACEOFFACE to your safe senders list/check your junk mail for the order confirmation. Life happens.

Email is your ( and well, our ) best friend. You will receive an order confirmation and updates on your order through email. If you have signed up for an account with us, do log in and everything is easily tracked in your account.

As soon as possible. No, I am not joking. Orders will be processed and sent out between 3-7 business days once we receive your order confirmation. Orders should take between 2-5 business days to reach you as soon as they have been dispatched. If you opt for bank transfer, your order will be sent out once your payment has been confirmed. Of course, we ask for your understanding during peak season.

Uh oh this should not happen! Hit us up, include your order number and we’ll get right down to your case.

Skin Type

That’s alright! Questions are the best way for us all to learn. What you can do: Read our blog post here, and if you’re still unsure, hit us up through mail or slide into our DMs @aceoffacesg and we’ll try our very best to help.

As we’ve said earlier, read our blog post here, and if you’re still unsure, hit us up through mail or slide into our DMs @aceoffacesg! We’d love to be part of your skincare journey.